You can use the following URL structure to get the latest Ubuntu Xenial BOSH stemcell for your IaaS:[iaas]

If you need a specific version or stemcell line (e.g. 3468.54 or trusty) you can just append that to the end of the URL:[iaas]/[versionOrStemcellLine]

If you need a specific stemcell line with a specific version you can also append that to the end of the URL:[iaas]/[stemcellLine]/[version]

Autodetect (for AWS, Azure & GCP)bosh upload-stemcell
Google GCPbosh upload-stemcell
Google GCP Trustybosh upload-stemcell
Google GCP Trusty 3586.26bosh upload-stemcell
Amazon AWSbosh upload-stemcell
VMWare VSpherebosh upload-stemcell
Openstackbosh upload-stemcell
BOSH Litebosh upload-stemcell
Microsoft Azurebosh upload-stemcell
Softlayerbosh upload-stemcell
VCloud Airbosh upload-stemcell